Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've Made the Front Page!

We've Made the Front Page!... of the Keweah Commonwealth, a local Three Rivers, CA newspaper.  Two journalists came and interviewed us at The Three Rivers Hideaway, the trailer park where we were staying.  

Quinn Connell catching up on local Three Rivers news by reading The Kaweah Commonwealth.  Photo by Jason Cohen

They learned a lot about us, but we also learned a lot about the town of Three Rivers.  It used to be a massive communist colony until the mid 20th century.  The famous General Shermann Sequoia actually used to be called the Karl Marx Tree until Anti-Communist Americans decided it would be more politically correct to name the tree after a Civil War General who swept a wave a destruction and death throughout the Southern States.
We also learned about the flood habits of the Kaweah River, which we all found very interesting being the amateur hydrologists that we are.  Anyway, read the whole article at: !

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