Thursday, February 19, 2009

Videos about the Salween RIver- The Human Costs of Damming

These videos were produced by both foreign and national conservation groups to raise awareness about the future damming projects on the Salween River in Tibet, Yunnan and Burma (upstream, midstream and dowstream of our current experience).

Watch to see what's going on in this part of the world

The following video features Alou, the co-ordinator of the WCKA service project in China. Alou is working to organize village waste management in Dimalou, an area affected by a recent "small" hydropower project on a tributary of the Nu Jiang (Salween River).

Just because dams aren't being constructed on the Salween in China (for the moment...), does not mean that the river will remain free-flowing. Chinese and Thai investors/engineers/power companies are currently working with the military dictatorship in Burma to construct 6 large dams on the Salween in Burma. The following video focuses on the cultural and biological losses that will result.
Burma Rivers Network

Many governments and their dam investors use the term "clean energy" to defend major hydropower projects all over the world. What is "clean" about the destruction of fertile land, culture and wildlife? Where is the economic value for locals displaced by such destruction if the power is not made available for them, but is then sold internationally?

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